PhD candidates

Backes, Yara

Dept of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Project: T1 Colorectal carcinoma

Bijlsma, Rhode

Dept of Medical Oncology.

Project: What did my DNA tell you? An ethically and legally sound translation of large scale genetic testing to the needs and preferences of cancer patients.

Blok, Joost

Dept of Urologic Oncology

Project: Testicular Cancer

Brenkman, Hylke

Dept of Surgery

Project:  Minimally invasive surgical techniques for gastric cancer

Brouwer, Selena

Dept of Pathology

Project: Discover the diagnostic potential of microRNAs in Nipple Aspiration Fluid for early detection of breast cancer in women at increased breast cancer risk.

Dooijeweert, Carmen van

Dept of Pathology

Project: Quality improvement of biomarker assessment in breast cancer


Franken, Mira

Dept of Medical Oncology

Project: Balancing outcomes and costs in the systemic treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer.

Frenkel, Nicola

Dept of Surgery, Cancer Center UMCU

Project: Colorectal Cancer and the Tumor Micro-Environment: Lymphangiogenesis and Macrophages

Ginkel, Joost van

Dept of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery & Pathology

Project: Liquid biopsy in head and neck cancer

Goense, Lucas

Dept of Sugery and Radiation Oncology

Project: Towards a tailored treatment for patients with esophageal cancer using multimodality imaging.

Goey, Kaitlyn

Dept of Medical Oncology - RVE Oncologie

Project: Maintenance treatment with capecitabine and bevacizumab versus observation after induction treatment with chemotherapy and bevacizumab in metastatic colorectal cancer: The phase III CAIRO3 study of the Dutch Colorectal Cancer Group (DCCG)

Groenland, Steffie

Dept of Medical Oncology and Clinical Pharmacology, NKI / AvL

Project: Therapeutic drug monitoring for oral anti-cancer drugs

Hiemcke-Jiwa, Laura

Dept of Pathology

Project: to be determined

Hooijdonk, Christa van

Dept of Medical Oncology

Project: Towards personalized cancer treatment: Finding predictive biomarkers for response to chemotherapy using next-generation DNA sequencing.

Hove, Joren ten

Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Project: Risk factors for colorectal cancer in IBD patients.

Jans, Merel

Dept of Pediatric Surgery, Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology

Project: Analysis of surgery for neuroblastoma in the Netherlands

Jongen, Jennifer

Dept of Surgery

Project: Killing Hypxic Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells

Kapelle, Wouter

Dept of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Project: Upper gastro intestinal motility and lower esophageal sphincter electriacal stimulation therapy

Kessels, Koen

Dept of Gastroenterology

Project: Screening for familial colrectal cancer and treatment of early colorectal cancer.

Leite, Marcelo

Dept of Pharmaceutical Science, NKI Amsterdam

Project: Breast Cancer, Biomarkers and Therapeutic Response

Lodewijk, Lutske

Dept of Surgical Oncology

Project: Co-activation of receptor tyrosine kinases after tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment in medullary thyroid cancer.

Ma, Huiying

Dept of Pathology

Project: Stem cell dynamics in polyposis syndrome

Manson, Quirine

Dept of Pathology

Project: Automated assessment of immune cell infiltrate for reliable and affordable cancer prognostication.

Ooms, Ariadne

Dept of Pathology UMCU and Dept of Oncology Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology

Project: The molecular pathogenesis of Wilms Tumor

Oosterom, Ilse van

Dept of Medical Oncology

Project: The role of stromal cells in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma as modulators of disease progression and therapy response.

Oosterom, Natanja

Dept of Pediatric Oncology, Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology

Project: (Epi)genetics of Methotrexate oxicity in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Overwater, Anouk

Dpt of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Project: Advanced endoscopy for patients with Barrett's esophagus and early esophageal adenocarcinoma

Poghosyan, Susanna

Dpt of Surgical Oncology, Cancer Center, UMCU

Title: Lymphatics in colorectal liver metastasis

Reynaers, Eline

Dept of Gynaecological Oncology

Project: Nodal METastasis in high risk Endometrial Cancer (NOMETEC): detection methods and de prevalence of lymph node micrometastasis.

Rooijen, Karlijn van

Dept of Medical Oncology

Project: Predictive and prognostic factors in colorectal carcinoma

Roze, Joline

Dpt of Gynaecological Oncology, UMC Cancer Center

Project: Occult disease in serous gynaecological cancer

Ruiter, Emma de

Dept of Pathology

Project: A multiparameter radiogenomics-based decision support system for personalized treatment of advanced stage head and neck cancer (DESIGN)

Ruiter, Lilian

Dept of Pathology and Radiotherapy

Project: Prediction and detection of recurrent laryngeal carcinoma

Sanders, Karin

Dept of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Project: In search of novel medical treatment options for canine Cushing's syndrome

Schurink, Bernadette

Dept of Anatomy / Dept. of Surgical Oncology, Cancer Center UMCU

Project: The lymphatic system and esophageal cancer

Seesing, Maarten

Dept of Surgical Oncology

Project: Strategies for improving the postoperative course after esophagectomy

Sharouni, Mary-Ann el

Dept of Pathology

Project: Sentinel node procedure and (epi)genetics in cutaneous melanoma

Tas, Michelle

Dept of Pediatric Oncology, Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology

Project: Developmental biology in clinical neuroblastoma

Toom, Inne den

Dept of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology

Project: Sentinel node biopsy for early stage oral cancer

Trumpi, Kari

Dept of Oncologic Surgery

Project: Chemotherapy resistance in colorectal cancer

Ubink, Inge

Dept of Surgical Oncology, RVE Oncology

Project: Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Receptor-targeted therapy for treatment of poor prognosis mesenchymal-type resectable colon cancer.

Verheij, Kirsten

Dept of Surgical Oncology, Cancer Center UMCU

Project: Rational repositioning of approved Tyrorine Kinase Inhibitors (TKI's) for the treatment of aggressive colon cancer

Verly, Iedan

Dept of Pediatric Oncology, Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology and Lab Genetic Metabolic Diseases AMC

Project: Catecholamine excretion in neuroblastoma: identification of catecholamine metabolites profiles associated with clinical and genetic characteristics of neuroblastoma

Visser, Els

Department of Surgery

Project: Prognostic factors in esophageal cancer.

Waals, Lizet van der

Dept of RvE Oncology

Project: The relationship between primary colon tumours and their liver metastases: biological subgroups and their response to therapy.

Wellens, Lianne

Dept of Pediatric Surgery, Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology

Project: Pre- and perioperative imaging in pediatric solid tumors

Wijler, Liza

Dept of Surgical Oncology, UMC Utrecht Cancer Center
Project: Medical nutrition and cancer cachexia in metastatic colorectal cancer


Clinical Trial Development Course: 29-30 November and 1 December 2017:


Evaluation last course:

4.13 out of 5


"Great way to learn!"

"Gave new insights"

"Inspiring speakers, useful presentations"

"Great course, good organisation"

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