Below you will find a list of courses and activities organized by the CTO PhD program

Introduction course (3 days, 1 ECTS)
Various departments (e.g. Radiology, Radiotherapy, Surgery, Pathology etc) within the UMC Utrecht and UU that perform clinical and translational oncology research will introduce their lines of cancer research and the recent developments in detection and treatment of cancer. The aim of this course is to provide an overview of all ongoing cancer research in the UMC Utrecht and UU to promote awareness and interdisciplinary collaborations. This course is obligatory for candidates within the CTO program, but open for candidates from other programs.

Clinical Trial Development Course (3 days -plus homework, 1.5 ECTS)
Aims of this course are:

  • Train PhD candidates in developing and writing a successful protocol for clinical trial
  • Teach PhD candidates to critically evaluate the design of a clinical study.
  • Learn to understand epidemiological and statistical aspects of studies involving patients
  • Gain knowledge of (inter)national guidelines and restrictions

After this course each participating candidate has completed a protocol for a clinical study involving cancer patients that can be submitted for funding. Success of the course depends on the high level of interaction between PhD candidates and faculty members (both local, national and international) that serve as experts-in-the-field and mentors.

PhD retreat (1 day, 0.3 ECTS):

Only for PhD candidates of the CTO PhD program
A one-day meeting organized entirely by and for PhD candidates of the program. The PhD candidates committee composes a program of seminars by the senior PhD candidates, invited national speakers, and poster sessions by the junior PhD candidates, that are discussed between themselves without any interference from supervisors. The retreat is mandatory each year. Aim is to learn to be critical towards each other’s research and to facilitate networking.

Cancer type specific courses (3 days, 1 ECTS)
In these courses the fundamental, epidemiological and clinical aspects of various cancer types (e.g. colon cancer, breast cancer or cervix cancer) will be covered. The aim is to provide a  ‘bench-to-bedside’ overview of the disease.

Seminars and one-day Symposia
In collaboration with the UMC Utrecht Cancer Center and distinguished faculty, seminars and a yearly symposium will be organized with emphasis on recent developments in clinical and translational oncology. PhD candidates are obliged to attend the seminars and symposia and are encouraged to invite and host international speakers.

Participation in outpatient clinic (0.2 ECTS/day)
PhD candidates of the program have the opportunity to experience one or more outpatient clinics of various oncology specialties to obtain insight in the clinical management of cancer patients.


Participation in courses of other PhD oncology programs

In addition CTO fellows can register for courses organized by Oncology PhD programs in Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Leiden/Rotterdam. Participating a course counts as CTO specific courses.


Onderzoekschool Oncologie Amsterdam - Oncology Graduate School

Contact: Esther M. Ruhé-Hoogervorst:



Research Institute for Oncology - Radboud University Medical Centre Nijmegen         

Contact: Dagmar Eleveld:



Medische-Genetisch Centrum Zuid-West Nederland - Leiden/Rotterdam

Contact: Madeleine Nivard:





Advanced Molecular Pathology Course,

(formerly known as Modern Cancer Pathology Course):

Only for participants CTO PhD programme for free!

17-18-19 June 2019


Comments last course:

"Very good course, very informative! Great speakers"


"Interesting, useful to a broad spectrum"


"Practical sessions were fantastic. They were provoking, challenging and fun"


PhD Retreat

Friday, 1 November 2019


Translational Immuno-oncology: cancer & immune therapies from bench to bedside

11-12-13-14 November 2019


Clinical Trial and Development Course,

27-28-29 November 2019


Comments last course:


"Excellent in all aspects"


"Very interactive and informative"


"I really enjoyed it!"


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