Prof. Dr. O. Kranenburg (program coordinator)

E-mail: o.kranenburg at

Phone: +31 88 75 58632


Prof Dr. Susanne Lens (program director)
E-mail: s.m.a.lens at
Phone: +31 88 75 68114


Sandy Hanssens (secretary)
E-mail: ctoncology at

Phone: +31 88 75 55874


Location Stratenum room Str. 2.233

Universiteitsweg 100
3584 CG Utrecht


PhD Retreat, meant for CTO PhD program participants:

26 October 2018


Comments last retreat:

"Nice overview of different projects, cool workshop"


"Good way to get to know your fellow PhD's and what they're working on (+overlap with our projects)"


"Valuable part of the CTO programme, definitely keep organizing this"



Advanced Molecular Pathology Course,

(formerly known as Modern Cancer Pathology Course):

17-18-19 June 2019


Comments last course:

"Very good course, very informative! Great speakers"


"Interesting, useful to a broad spectrum"


"Practical sessions were fantastic. They were provoking, challenging and fun"



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