Counselor/Psychologist/confidential advisors/coaching

GSLS PhD Psychologist:

  • Paula Meesters, she is available for every GSLS PhD program.
  • To schedule a meeting and for some more information, please click the following link

GSLS coaching:

  • For information please click the following link

UMC Utrecht counselor:

  • UMCU: Sarah Everts.
  • Hubrecht instituut: Stieneke van den Brink en Rik Korswagen.
  • Faculty of Science: Wim Hennink en Antoinette Killian.
  • PMC: Marcel Kool en Hans Merks.

UU confidential advisors and ombudspersons:

  • For information please click the following link



Introduction Course

(only for CTO members)

19+26 January and 2 February 2024


Clinical Trial and Development Course

5-6-7 March 2024