PhD Psychologist:

  • Paula Meesters, she is available for every GSLS PhD program.
  • To schedule a meeting and for some more information, please click the following link

UMC Utrecht counselor:

  • Sarah Everts (she is not mentioned on the website at this moment).
  • Hubrecht instituut: Stieneke van den Brink en Rik Korswagen.
  • Faculty of Science: Wim Hennink en Antoinette Killian.
  • PMC: Marcel Kool en Hans Merks.

For information please click the following link


PhD Retreat, only for CTO PhD students!

13 May 2022

Quotes PhD retreat 2020:

"The students are a remarkable bunch. They are intelligent and competent, grounded, and considerate of each other"

"Useful, interactive and a boost for the ‘research appetite’"

"I did not expected much of it, but I really had a blast with my peers. Great social boost for me"


Clinical Trial and Development Course

29-30-31 Mach 2022

Quotes Clinical Trial and Development Course 2019:

"Good overview with relevant examples of current trials"

"Useful and interesting course. Both regarding trials (METC, design, etc.) and regarding oncology. Enthusiastic and inspiring speakers!"

"Good balance on theoretical and practical aspects of performing trials"

"Interesting and experienced speakers, who knew how to get their message across"